• "Excellent handling of an emotional subject."

  • Safeguarding Memory... is most certainly deeply moving, potent and well worth the half hour. Narrated by Theodore Bikel, the film chronicles the efforts of the Poland-based Everlasting Memory Foundation and the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad and their efforts to commemorate Jewish mass graves in Poland. The film's thrust draws on the thoughts of UNC historian Christopher Browning, who comments, 'World War II was not a war or a battle, it was an attempt at a demographic revolution.'

    "Safeguarding Memory, which is making the festival rounds, hits at the gruesomeness of the Holocaust and personalizes it, making the atrocities feel that much more real and affecting. Certainly this tactic is not new and is nothing that has not been documented on film before. However, the story of these mass graves and the families that claim them has never been reported or studied. And it is for that reason that Safeguarding Memory is an ever important addition to the annals of Holocaust cinema."