Zbigniew Nizinski, the Polish businessman in the Safeguarding Memory documentary
who searches for witnesses to the mass murders of the Jews during the Holocaust then
records their stories, has formed the Lasting Memory Foundation in Poland. The mission
of the foundation is to locate the unknown and almost forgotten places of mass burial
through the people who witnessed these brutal murders. The foundation's work involves
the discovery of the unmarked mass graves, the identification of the names of victims
buried there (as possible) so that they no longer remain anonymous, and the commem-
oration of these sacred spots. Since most of the witnesses were teens or young adults during
1941-45, the years of the Holocaust, they are now quite elderly, making very immediate the
need to find them and hear the recollections they are harboring before they pass away with
their secrets.

The Foundation invites government officials, clergy, students, and town residents to
the unveiling ceremonies, committed to ensuring that the experience is shared by local
communities. Subsequent to the commemoration, the Foundation works with school youth
residing in the area to maintain the gravesites.

The Foundation would be grateful for support as it works to rescue the mass graves from
complete oblivion. For more information or to make a donation, please contact the Foun-
dation at:,

Fundacja Pamiec Ktora Trwa
ul. Mrowcza 243/129
04-697 Warsaw, Poland